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je suis toujours émerveillée par la richesses de tes photos, merci
Biz et bonne semaine


Really sorry to course this through your comments page of all places, but I knew of no other way to reach you. I'm the associate editor of a travel magazine in Manila. I was just wondering if we may have the privilege of publishing a few of your photos in our magazine. We're doing a special edition on Philippine fiestas, and your Carabao festival photos are the best I've seen yet. Whether it's a yes or a no, kudos to you for painting such an intriguing portrait of the Philippines.

Wim van der Meij

A great spectacle! Beautiful colours too.


That's some training they undergo!


Great shots!

Lisa Ruokis

Another beautiful set of carabao photos! The cow on the upper left in the bottom photo looks like she wants to be a rebel.


So do you have a thing for cows? LOL



My country too [India] has a lot of buffaloes and on the roads too ... so I particularly like these photos!


Impressive looking horns!

[t e r r o r k i t t e n]

Great set of images again! I must say this looks like a dangerous occupation! Phil


Great stuff. Like that 2nd one the most--cool expressions on everyone of both species.



great to see that carabao can also be trained, cool!


The Queer Chef pimped me here.

There's this province where they actually replaced their garbage trucks with carabaos to collect their waste. Because they can save on fuel. farmers are now part-time garbage collectors. I just can't remember which province. These animals are really hard working folks.

Ashwathy Nair

Times are changing....
Nice series and photos!


One can rell they have to be trained daily for a long period. For Norwegian bull's it probably would have taken years.
Have a great hump day Sidney:-)


Amazing, these animals look fierce but must be very tame.
I can understand farmers not using them that much anymore but I find that a dreadful shame, of course.


does that mean in the near future, there will be no carabao parade anymore? since they would all rely to technology


These are wonderful.


A wonderful series. Its so fun to see different cultures.


Truly amazing! I have never seen any carabao do this before.


Another great series. Your pictures have such a ring of reality. Very well done.


you never seem to run out of carabao photos, hehe. they may decline for technology reasons, but some farmers i think will still prefer this domestic animals over these machines.


excelente pictures, i like the colors and the emotion on the pictures.


Tena koe ehoa
Do you think with the decline in use of the beasts that there will be a decline in their numbers eventually?
Do they have any other purpose than that for which they are used?
Are they a consumeable product?

In Aotearoa, mass awareness and repopulation programs were initiated to increase the popultation numbers of indigenous animals and plants.
The program is a huge success and population numbers from what could have become extinct breeds of animal and plant life have began to flourish ensuring the an integral aspect in the history of this country and it's inhabitants is not lost or forgotten.
The advancement of technology was in my opinion one of the leading factors for numbers decreasing in the first place.


I like the middle photo for the animal's expression. It's holding its head up high.

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